For the time being we are able to supply second hand container gantry cranes in good condition at competitive prices. We offer inclusive transportation ex present location until destination and recommissioning / turn key. Furthermore we supply New and/or 2nd hand Tugs, Barges, Ships, Harbour Mobile and other Port Cranes among further handling equipment delivered free destination.

Please feel free to contact us for further details.

We have regularly own charter ships and tug-/ barge convoy´s onhire being suitable to carry particularly out of gauge / heavy units, shipsections and project cargoes.

Please contact us for actual positions and trades !
We appreciate your kind inquiry !

Recent performances: Click picture to enlarge !

One complete Printing Machinery Plant via North Sea Port to India. The Shipment contains about a dozen Container and Flats with Heavy Lifts and out of gauge cases. The largest case weighing 42 tons at 720 x 389 x 455 cm. Upon Ocean Shipment we arranged river barge pre-carriage on hinterland water ways.

30 Straddle Carrier loaded in Nothern Europe for Australia. The units were loaded by the ship´s gear and partly by floating crane.

2 RTGs from China to Ecuador.

14 used Straddle Carriers for scrapping via vessel within the North Sea Region.

10 RTG´s (a 145 tons) in 2 x 5 Lots from China to Turkey.

16 Straddle Carrier from Poland to USA- Westcoast.

3 used RTG´s from Vietnam to Panama. Unit weight abt. 140 tons. They were prepared by us for shipping.

18 Straddle Carrier 2 x 9 units from Poland to Spain.

4 Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTG´s) ex China to Australia East Coast. The handling effects with ships gear. Upon a barge delivery took place as the vessel could not proceed to the yard due to lack of draft.

Trolley´s and Parts (abt. 1.000 Freight Tons) for new Container Gantry Cranes. Ex Hungary via the Danube to Israel. The Trolley Platforms itself inclusive the houses weighing each abt. 43 Tons.

18 Dredger (each about 26,5 Tons) coming from South Africa to German Receivers .

3 Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes relocated within Italy with a Heavy-Lift-Vessel.

We have concluded a major Project, consisting the purchase and sale of 2 Container Gantry Cranes (each appr. 700 Tons), extensive modification works (e.g. reconstruction from power rail to cable drum operation) and the transport from Germany to Poland.

Relocated 3 Container Gantry Cranes (1200 tons each) with SMPTs within the Port of Hamburg.

Relocated 12 Straddle Carrier (56 tons each) for scrapping within the Northsea area inclusive lashing and securing..

Relocated one Container Gantry Crane (appr. 750 Tons) in Hamburg with SPMT´s.

One dismantled Gantry Crane (Unit Weights up to 33 t; Lengths up to 37 m) have been transported with more than 30 special trucks and river barges from several suppliers out of the Coastal Region to Duisburg.

9 dismantled stacking cranes from China to Germany.

2 Post Panamax Container Gantry Cranes and 2 Van Carrier in transit via Bosporus ex Sweden to Ukraine (Black Sea) .

2 Post Panamax Container Gantry Cranes from Germany to Latvia.

Dismantled stacking cranes from Belgium to UK by RO/RO-Vessel’s.

Relocated one Container Gantry Crane at German North Sea Coast.

3 Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (each about 300 Tons) from Poland by SPMT / Barge Convoy to Germany. Delivery up to Container Stack.


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